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Otterbox Now Makes Insulated Wine Tumblers

Otterbox Now Makes Insulated Wine Tumblers

Otterbox Now Makes Insulated Wine Tumblers

The days of sitting outside in the warm sun and enjoying a drink may be sinking into memory, but that doesn’t mean you can sit by a fire pit and sip some wine.

Otterbox, makers of some of the best phone cases and accessories out there, just launched their newest iteration of insulated tumblers. The 10oz wine glass is perfect for those of us with an outdoor space that wants to keep your wine (or whatever you want to keep in there, really) at the optimal temperature, without worrying about a sweating glass in your hand.

The tumblers come in five colors: Silver Panther Black, Lavender Chill Purple, Coastal Chill Blue, Frozen Shimmer Blue, and Ice Cap White. Keep these on hand for when you have guests over to enjoy a brisk fall night, or save them for when you can escape for a holiday on the beach somewhere and you just cannot deal with watered down wine.

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